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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Today Thursday, Nov 30, 2017, Google announced a new app called Datally, according to the name the app basically helps Android smartphone users to understand, check and save their mobile data.

Datally let users track their mobile data usage in real time, the application also provides personalize recommendation on saving data like it notifies users about wifi-spot available nearby.

If you are struggling to save data on your smartphone or your data pack is getting over before if validation date, datally is there for you. The application is available for download on Google Play Store it works with all smartphone running on Android 5.0(lollipop) and higher operating system (OS)

This new application by Google lets you have a check on your data usage, understand what app is consuming the maximum chunk of your data pack and lets you have control have them.

Three Benefit Of Using Datally

Save Your Data

 Datally provides smartphone users with the list of nearby wifi-spot so they can wifi and stop using their mobile data

Understand Your Data

 Datally app allows you to see your data usage hourly, daily, weekly or monthly the app also provides a personalized recommendation for how you can save your mobile data.

Control your data

 The app helps you control your data by turning on the data saver to block background data usage and track current data usage, it also allows users to restrict app from data usage with one tap in case the data usage gets out of control.

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Talking about Datally, Caesar Sengupta,vice president, Next Billion Users, Google says via a blog post, mobile app is expensive for many people around the world and what's worse it's hard to find where it goes, that's why we built datally, an app that helps you to control, save more and more with your data. We have been testing datally in the Philippines for the past few month and people are saving up to 30 percent of their data.

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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Introducing the new facebook live audio that lets you broadcast without your camera, making it easy for you to reach your fans or business partners without worries about how you look or how your background looks like.

this is a cool feature on Facebook, if you are the shy type or you just want to pass a message by reading scripts, live audio is the best for. The facebook live audio does not require strong network like that of live video as it only captures your voice.

As said by facebook pr, people using facebook android version can listen to a live audio broadcast if they minimize the app or lock their phone while iPhone users can also continue listening as they surf other parts of Facebook.

Just like live video on Facebook, listeners can discover your live audio in news feed, leave a comment and reactions during streaming and can easily share with their friends.

How To Use Facebook Live Audio

Currently, the facebook live audio is not available on Desktop so you will need an Android smartphone or IOS for you to access this tool and streaming live audio is possible from your Facebook fan/business page and your facebook profile

When you launch your facebook app from your iPhone or android smartphone click on the section for status update, there you will see "Go Live" click on go live you will see (...) at the bottom left click on it and select the live audio option, add description to your audio, when you are ready to go Live click on start live audio, when done with your broadcast you can share it on your wall.

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Conclusion:- I recommend you broadcast and stream privately for better test practice if you are using this tool for the first time I also suggest you use a headset that has mic in it for a clearer voice


Note: this tool is only available for Android smartphones and iPhone, we hope this feature comes quickly on desktop computers. Pls don't forget to share with friends.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

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We all know blogger is one of the biggest blogging platforms around the globe and you can get beautiful and fascinating templates from famous website like templatism, soratemplates, templatify and way2themes, they all provide premium templates at a cheaper rate, premium template do not contain footer credit but free template contain footer credit with a copyright link directing to the website where you downloaded the template.

you must have been trying to remove footer credit on your free template but you are unable to it or you are not getting it right and sometimes when you try to edit your code by changing the copyright link in your HTML section, it remains the same as the original template copyright link.

actually, these links are attached with some Javascript or CSS by the developers so you have no choice but to purchase the premium template, locating CSS and Javascript code can be stressful and time-consuming.

in this tutorial, I will teach you a two-way trick to get rid of footer credit and completely own your dream template


1. It helps you save more, you don't have to pay anyone to help you remove footer credit and you need not worry about buying the premium template.

2. It easy and safe no copyright problem is attached, you can easily do it yourself.


1. Hide Copyright Link: this trick only shows the name of the template and make the link invisible so it won't redirects to the developer website.

2. permanently remove copyright link: with this trick you completely own the template without source link, you can also customize the link to your preferable link and title.



Hide link to avoid redirection

important notice: you must back up your template so you don't lose it if there's an error.

Step 1
login to your blogger dashboard by the left click on theme>>edit HTML

Step 2
in your html code find the copyright section, for easy search use CTRL+F and input created by or designed by in the search box when loacated you see a code like this
 Designed with <i aria-hidden='true' class='fa fa-heart' style='color: red;'/> by <a href='' id='mycontent' style='visibility:show' title='Blogger Templates'>Way2Themes</a>
here is the solution, add this code
'style= 'visibilty: hidden' 

now your copyright section should look like this  Designed with <i aria-hidden='true' class='fa fa-heart' style='color: red;'/> by <a href='' id='mycontent' style='visibility:Hidden' title='Blogger Templates'>Way2Themes</a>  and click on save template.

this trick only hides the developer link. See How To Link Javascript in HTML


you need to be careful if you don't know much about HTML, I advise you backup your template before you proceed I will also provide a video tutorial should in case you don't understand all the explanation and write-ups.



login to your blogger dashboard click on template>>edit HTML like I said earlier you need to be careful so you don't crash your crash your template, make use of  the CTRL+F for quick search input this code below in your search box Recommended- SEO strategy for 2017
Var _
now delete the entire HTML/CSS code attached to the var _ starting from var _ to the end

NOTE: the var _ happens to appear twice on most template and sometimes appears once in some so you need to watch out if the var _ appear twice on your template and make sure you remove the both of them and the entire code attached to it, click on the save template button to implement your changes.


Afer saving the template, search for the copyright section, you can now edit the original copyright link to your own or remove the entire copyright section ( your choice)

Here Is A Video To Help You Out

Caution/Conclusion; It my pleasure to share with you the little I have learnt, while doing this you need to be careful and make sure you back up your template before you touch your code, i hope this tutorial help you remove your template footer credit, if you face any challenge removing the footer credit on your template I can help you with that for free. You can reach me using the contact form or the instant chat button for a quick response.
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Monday, 13 November 2017

Some of us talk and some of us don't but you know doesn't talk to you anymore? your customers, they don't want to call you or fill out a direct contact form, think about it how do people nowadays communicate. they text, they send photos, carts most people prefer the message.
With zotabox free marketing tool, you can reach your customers and promote your leads for free.

What Is Zotabox?

zotabox is an onsite marketing tool for webmasters and entrepreneurs established in 2013, they offer over 15 high-quality tools all of it in one package, to increase your subscribers and promote sales.
zotabox tools load asynchronously and won't affect your website/blog load time or speed Read more about zotabox here

Reasons to use Zotabox

Free and paid package
zotabox have paid and free package pending on your budget, I can say 90% of their tools is completely free so if your budget is low I advice you go with them
their tools are compatible with all browsers you have no worries about what platform your tools can be displayed and it does not slow down your site load time.


Zotabox company is a small and committed team to serve you better and help you grow your business, their free tools are free or life.

Free Premium Tools

Stand a chance to use their premium tools free for 14 days and if you really enjoyed it you and pay for it and enjoy lifetime partnership. Also Read:- How To Add Facebook Like Box to Blogger Blog.

Benefit of adding facebook live chat to your blog

As we all know Facebook cannot be put aside when talking about the largest and fast growing social media community around the globe, you can imagine how beneficial it will be for you to instantly chat with your reader/customers through your Facebook fan page, no cost is attached no upgrade is needed it is completely free.

How to get started

Here I will show you a step by step guide to set up facebook live chat for your blog.
to proceed you need a fan page generally known as a facebook page if you have one already all you need is your fan page and if you don't you can create one here.

Step 1

Go to zotabox homepage to sign up your free account, fill the sign-up form with the required information and click on the sign-up button, you instantly receive a message in your mailbox containing your account details, after you sign up you will be redirected to the next page to continue your integration.

Step 2

On your new page, you will see the list of tools both paid and free, by the left click on "support customers" button you will see contact form and facebook live chat click on explore in front in of facebook live chat.

Step 3--- Customize your button

in this section you customize how you want your customers to see your button, follow the instructions in the image below.

when done editing enable your Facebook live chat by clicking on the enable switch in the top bar, a pop up shows up click on "take me there now" Recommended:- See How To Backup Your Facebook Profile.
copy the javascript code you see on the new page you are redirected to paste the code into your blogger template to make your live chat active.
Where To Paste The Code and click on the BACK button to continue.

Step 4----- in blogger

now log in to your blogger dashboard
by the left click on theme>>Edit HTML in your  template HTML code find this tag </head> for easy   search click on ctrl+f
paste the HTML code you copied right before the opening tag of the of your code, after pasting click on save template to enable the changes you have made.

Step 5---- in zotabox

back to zotabox configuration page click on save button ( located by the top right of your screen ) to finalize your integration you can also use the preview button to how your setting looks like on your site. now go to your site homepage and refresh to see what it looks like.

You have successfully added the facebook live chat to your blog. See How To Setup Facebook Instant Articles

Conclusion:- it as easy as expected make sure to follow the above steps correctly to avoid errors, I can help you out if you come across any difficulties you can reach me using the contact form or better still use my facebook live chat to see how great it works, enjoy more of zotabox by visiting their website, grow your business in a unique way and promote your leads to better your customers.
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