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Monday, 13 November 2017

Some of us talk and some of us don't but you know doesn't talk to you anymore? your customers, they don't want to call you or fill out a direct contact form, think about it how do people nowadays communicate. they text, they send photos, carts most people prefer the message.
With zotabox free marketing tool, you can reach your customers and promote your leads for free.

What Is Zotabox?

zotabox is an onsite marketing tool for webmasters and entrepreneurs established in 2013, they offer over 15 high-quality tools all of it in one package, to increase your subscribers and promote sales.
zotabox tools load asynchronously and won't affect your website/blog load time or speed Read more about zotabox here

Reasons to use Zotabox

Free and paid package
zotabox have paid and free package pending on your budget, I can say 90% of their tools is completely free so if your budget is low I advice you go with them
their tools are compatible with all browsers you have no worries about what platform your tools can be displayed and it does not slow down your site load time.


Zotabox company is a small and committed team to serve you better and help you grow your business, their free tools are free or life.

Free Premium Tools

Stand a chance to use their premium tools free for 14 days and if you really enjoyed it you and pay for it and enjoy lifetime partnership. Also Read:- How To Add Facebook Like Box to Blogger Blog.

Benefit of adding facebook live chat to your blog

As we all know Facebook cannot be put aside when talking about the largest and fast growing social media community around the globe, you can imagine how beneficial it will be for you to instantly chat with your reader/customers through your Facebook fan page, no cost is attached no upgrade is needed it is completely free.

How to get started

Here I will show you a step by step guide to set up facebook live chat for your blog.
to proceed you need a fan page generally known as a facebook page if you have one already all you need is your fan page and if you don't you can create one here.

Step 1

Go to zotabox homepage to sign up your free account, fill the sign-up form with the required information and click on the sign-up button, you instantly receive a message in your mailbox containing your account details, after you sign up you will be redirected to the next page to continue your integration.

Step 2

On your new page, you will see the list of tools both paid and free, by the left click on "support customers" button you will see contact form and facebook live chat click on explore in front in of facebook live chat.

Step 3--- Customize your button

in this section you customize how you want your customers to see your button, follow the instructions in the image below.

when done editing enable your Facebook live chat by clicking on the enable switch in the top bar, a pop up shows up click on "take me there now" Recommended:- See How To Backup Your Facebook Profile.
copy the javascript code you see on the new page you are redirected to paste the code into your blogger template to make your live chat active.
Where To Paste The Code and click on the BACK button to continue.

Step 4----- in blogger

now log in to your blogger dashboard
by the left click on theme>>Edit HTML in your  template HTML code find this tag </head> for easy   search click on ctrl+f
paste the HTML code you copied right before the opening tag of the of your code, after pasting click on save template to enable the changes you have made.

Step 5---- in zotabox

back to zotabox configuration page click on save button ( located by the top right of your screen ) to finalize your integration you can also use the preview button to how your setting looks like on your site. now go to your site homepage and refresh to see what it looks like.

You have successfully added the facebook live chat to your blog. See How To Setup Facebook Instant Articles

Conclusion:- it as easy as expected make sure to follow the above steps correctly to avoid errors, I can help you out if you come across any difficulties you can reach me using the contact form or better still use my facebook live chat to see how great it works, enjoy more of zotabox by visiting their website, grow your business in a unique way and promote your leads to better your customers.
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Friday, 3 November 2017


What is SEO and how does it works 

The digital world is full of information, there must be a rank for every website/blog and that is exactly what the search engine optimization [SEO] is all about.

What is SEO?

SEO can be defined as a marketing tool that helps website/blog increase the quantity and quality of traffic to their site.
Search engine optimization [SEO] describe a series with a step by step process that can help you rank higher on google and get free organic traffic from different search queries Note:-i made mention of step by step process which means as long as you follow each step and are patient you will get a great result. Recommend:- 3 Article Type That Increase Blog Traffic
The best way to understand SEO is to break it down.

SEO is

1. Technical Field

Kowing the practice to optimize a website/blog and its content is important if you have plans to compete for traffic, those that know the ins and out of SEO are highly sought after due to the level of ROI they bring [it's high].

2. An Exciting Field

I don't know what you think, for me creating good and unique content and also generating leads for free is amazing, I love ever-evolving nature of search engine optimization for the fact that it requires markets and bloggers like me to always read up on new Algorithm changes and lots more.

3. A Market Discipline 

Understanding SEO is very Crucial to all marketing efforts because you will be able to drive traffic to your website/blog and generate leads and conversion, you don't only write content that Google likes you also write content that brings reason to your audience.

How Does SEO Works?

When someone searches for a keyword on search engines like that of Bing or Google, the result that displays with series of websites that are relevant to the search queries [keyword] and the website that has high domain authority rank first with others below it
for example, when you search for SEO tools the top websites in your search result are the ones adopting the best SEO practice.
This is because search engines use advanced crawlers that fetch information on every site gathering every bit of content it finds on the internet, that creates an index for every website/blog that is compared to the algorithm that Google has built for SEO practice.

What Factor Affect SEO?

Either you are trying to learn more about SEO or want to actual Ranking techniques on how to improve or grow your websites/blog SEO, there are sets of factors that Google and other search engines favor when ranking a site, although there are more than 200 factors that affect your site rank, the best part of it is that anyone can improve their site by simply working on them.
Below is the most important factors that affect SEO.

1. Keyword

Search engine optimization begins with picking the right keyword, this tools will help- Ahrefs and Google keyword planner, i am much interested in picking low strategy keyword to reduce competition and then slowly build up my content to targeted more competitive terms, if you are looking forward to rank you should definitely add LSI keywords "Keywords that as synonyms" to your target terms, for example, a site that talks about "blogging tips" should also include terms such as make money blogging, domain for bloggers etc. Make sure you include the keyword you want to rank for in your title and sub-heading.

2. Relevancy

Search engines are now smarter than before, they know the difference between a copied page and a relevant one, Search engine can also distinguish whether your site is about tech or fashion, i advice you stick to a niche  when building website/blog your content should be specified in a particular niche, for me my niche is howto's, blogging and SEO. Also Raed:- How to Optimize Your Blog Content for Google Search

3. Domain Authority 

Domain authority is also known as DA is a metric use to consider how trusted your domain is or how much trust it as built over time, age and backlinks
the more other sites talked about you the higher your domain authority, one important thing I have found relevancy of domain name is respect of the keyword you're targetting for example, will be more likely to rank better than for SEO related queries, few SEO experts have reported that shorter domains will outperform longer domains.

4. Site Speed

Google really cares about your load time and how fast your speed can deliver contents to its readers, you can use caching tools such as W3 Total Cache or use CDN to speed up your load time and deliver content in a faster way.

5. Outbound Links 

Outbound links also now as external links, the more relevant links your site is pointing to the more your SEO score, same goes for internal links which are more favored especially if they are coming from prestigious popular and relevant source, you can also get backlinks by guest posting on big sites in your category or get featured on news sites. Recommended:-Read How Dofollow And Nofollow Tag Works

6. Clean and Responsive Design

it obvious nowadays the best-optimized websites are those that are functional, clean and responsive to devices of all types and sizes, Google favors websites with mobile-friendly design than those that don't have, if you blog on Wordpress you can install the AMP PLUGIN to make your site load amazingly fast, if you don't blog on WordPress you need to learn how to make use of the Accelerated mobile page by Google. Also Read:- How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles 

Are you tired of writing articles without traffic?
Wondering what article type and content that will boost your traffic, there is some article type that can really unleash your creativity and allows you provide more value and content to your readers or clients.
in this article, I will share with you three (3) popular articles for blogs that can help you generate more traffic and encourage your visitors/readers to come back for your future publication.


People love to learn new things and also want to do it themselves.
No doubt on this one, this is on type of content/article you find on most blogs just like mine and mostly technical fields where information must be giving to readers in detailed and accessible, on tutorial articles you need to explain to people ho to do something they find difficult, introduce a solution and explain it step by step until it end result.
This type of blog post will generate more traffic and help visitors find a solution to problems, probably they will return back when they meet the new problem and need a quick solution and share your solution with friends, this will earn you more backlinks for free. Recommended-Tips For Choosing a Good Domain Name


Writing a review articles or product review will increase  your blog traffic also increase your affiliate earnings, Give your opinion on a service or product and sharing your recommendations will make customers/interested buyers happy because most of them barely have time to test products themselves, review and product comparison are mostly searched on search engines so people make their choice in reading product and services review article before making their choice/purchase.

Also Read: How To Earn Quickly From Your Blog


This has become very useful for presenting relevant content, list article has the advantage of presenting  point by point information,I find most blog have at least more than one post list, list is often more appreciated by the public that seeks concise information but quality to present content organized way,  I also use this type of article on my blog,
Most bloggers don't like articles like this because they believe the subject has been treated many times on other blogs, it not totally wrong but I consider it one of the most popular articles that generate the most visitors and more sharing

See example of list article HERE

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Blog today is spreading worldwide, and we all probably want to get started on the web adventure, most blogger/newbie blogger who want to make money from blog mostly start without having a good or strong strategy which will be the limit break for your blog in future, is either your blog earn you some bucks or you probably give up after some months, like most beginners did.

One important decision to take after creating your blog is to define your niche which will be your area of focus or specification, we find this question everywhere What is a niche?. I will say there is no best niche for a blog because all niche is competitive and filled up, it is recommended to find a niche where you will be able to express yourself.


To find a profitable niche for your blog, you need to analyze the numbers of searches on your focus/main keyword. And before you begin it is advisable to dedicate yourself to a single blog, that way you master every art of blogging and with your experience, your blog will be optimized whey created, you can monetize quickly and get extra income.


It is very important to choose a topic of your own interest, WHY? because you know the subject well enough or you can decide to choose a topic you really want to know, this is because you want to succeed in that area, you need to spend much time immersed in your topic write unique article for your niche or better still create backlinks to your blog from forums or blog post(GUest posting), provide useful feedbacks that drive traffics to your blog this is a technique to find better ideal and efficient fulfilling blogs, this surely will motivate you, boost your ideas and also save you time.
this is why it very important to learn how to choose and focus on a certain niche for your blog, avoid making mistakes of choosing a niche for the purpose of making money.


The internet is full of scoops it is very important to do research, if you find your idea do not hesitate to make use f search engines and see how much competition is attached to it, this will help you find more ideas to your topic, looking at most popular post on these blogs also reading their comments and questions from readers, try to include the solution to their question in your post.


We now live in a society where everything is based on money, you should always do market and keyword research to ensure there is a market with sufficient buyers and fairly weak competition so that your blog can be profitable.


It is important for your blog to be unique (stand out) from other blogs, this can be a basic as how much commitment you put to provide high-quality information or your ability to express things in new ways, interesting and exciting this will give your readers reason to stay or come back for more.


Monetizing your blog with third-party ad networks is a good way of making money from blogs, if your blog is created and fully launched, your traffic is way up as expected you can register with third-party ad networks like Google Adsense, Chitika, Revenue hits, Tribal ads, Adnow,, Adcash etc. this will generate your monthly income you can also make extra income from referrals as well.

You can sell private ads by letting business owners advertise their product on your blog for a token.

Affiliate marketing can also generate income for you,  How do this work? register with top companies that sell products online like that of Amazon, Konga, Jumia, eBay etc get your percentage on every sale through your affiliate link.

CONCLUSION:- Have it in mind that you should never be hasty in taking decision to find a profitable niche and start earning from your blog, if you make the wrong choice you might probably end up not meeting up with your expected income, but if you make the right choice your income will be way up as expected, the income you can draw from your blog will improve your life.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Most people use Google on daily basis, we use it to search for solutions, things, checking emails and other kinds of stuff, but there are some cool features you probably don't know.

On this article, I will share with you some cool Google features that can be useful for you 

13 Google Features You Should Try

1. Google Trends

Google trend is a statistical analysis service based on google serac, this service provides sets of graphs, tables, and data that  will help you understand the terms used in search queries, it's a protocol tool to optimize your SEO, Google trend examines trends by date and offers top research in the desired category, experienced webmasters use this to develop their subjects with high traffic and it is fairly known to average users.

2.Check Sports Results And Calendar

If you have interest in sports, google will help you find latest spot schedule in no time, it's a useful trick to quickly find when and where your favorite time will play, all you need to do is enter the team name, competition or league in Google search bar.

3. Google Calculator

Did you know Google can work as a calculator for you? it's a cool trick if you want to make some calculations on google input your equation and Google will solve it in few seconds, your result appears first in the search result.

4.Google Weather

This is a cool feature by Google, you can now check weather forecast for any location

 for example "Weather Nigeria" 

Google will display all weather condition with seven (7) days forecast

5. Google Alert

Google alert is a tool used to track/monitor keyword on the line of business, for example, if you want to track a particular keyword for your business all you need to do is record the actual keyword you want to follow and when the search engine gets the keyword result you get an email from Google.

6. Check Different Time Zone 

You can now use Google to check time in other locations around in the world, it quite simple, just write "Time" and ad your preferred location it could be a city or country and the leave the rest for Google to handle 
For example, Time Nigeria.

7. Google Converter

If you want to convert a unit of measures or check the worth or value of money when converted to another currency, Google is there to help you just enter your data and Google will do the conversion.

8. Google Font 

Google font is a free font for web users and webmasters it allows you to choose any font size or typeface of your choice to download and it is considered for web developers and designers.

9. Google Sky 

Google sky is an entertainment service tool if you are the type that has interest in space, google sky give you the opportunity to explore the stars and sky, it a great ideal for a new experience in Google.

10. Google Drive 

Google drive serves as a storage service and online files sharing tool launched by Google in 2012(April)  this tool allows you to create documents, store files, edit and view different file types, you can manage your own files from your Smartphone, tablets or computer by downloading the application.

11. Play Games On Google

If you think of taking a break, Google will offer you some cool games like Pacman, it simple, to do this just type the keyword "Packman" in your search box.

12. Make Google Turns On Itself 

This is a funny trick that makes Google do a flip by itself, it really funny just type " Do a barrel roll" in the search bar and see the magic.

13. Check celebrity Age on Google  

If you are doubting about the age of a certain celebrity figure, worry not Google will help you out, just type "Age" followed by the name of the celebrity, for example, Age Rihanna.